Yoga has been scientifically linked to improve overall body, mind, and health. It improves blood circulation, balance, and calms the mind. Try not to think of yoga as an exercise, but rather a way to “feed” your body and mind. Because yoga can be done by almost anybody, these 10 yoga poses will be easy to do and perfect for beginners.

These 10 yoga poses should ideally be done every single day, preferably in the mornings. Starting your day with some yoga moves will clear your mind, energize your body, and boost your overall mood. Yoga isn’t just stretching, but rather a way of life. It can completely change your outlook on life, and in some cases, cure depression as well.

10 Yoga Poses To Do Daily

#1. Standing Side Bend

#2. Downward Dog

#3. Up Dog/Cobra

#4. Crescent Lunge

#5. Cat

#6. Cow

#7. Pigeon

#8. Happy Baby

#9. Yogi Squat

#10. Windshield Wiper

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