9 Listerine uses you probably never heard of

Listerine is a popular mouthwash solution which was introduced as a surgical antiseptic in 1879. However, it wasn’t marketed as a bad breath remedy until the 1970s. Listerine contains helpful ingredients such as eucalyptus, thyme, and alcohol which can do so much more than eliminating oral bacteria.For example, rubbing a cotton ball soaked in Listerine on your armpits can eliminate all the bacteria and prevent odors. Here are some Listerine uses you probably never heard of:


  1. Use it on your armpits
Just soak a cotton ball in Listerine and dab it on your underarms to kill the bacteria and prevent body odor. This is an effective and quick solution if you’ve gone out of deodorant and can’t go buy a new one at the moment.
  1. Soak your feet in it
Make a Listerine foot bath and soak your feet in it for 30 minutes to get rid of toenail fungus and prevent the infection from spreading.
  1. Pour it down the toilet
Listerine can clean and deodorize your toilet bowl, so pour some down it and scrub a little to make the bowl pearly white and shiny again.
  1. Dab it on your itches
Dabbing some Listerine on bug bites or poison ivy and poison oak stings will provide some much-needed relief.

  1. Use it on your hair

Pour some Listerine on your head, massage it into the scalp, wrap your hair in a towel and let it work for a few hours in order to get rid of dandruff and prevent scalp infections.

  1. Rub it on your dog

Listerine is an effective remedy against fleas. Just rub some of it into the hair of your dog, or mix it with a pet shampoo and water to get rid of the pests quickly.

  1. Use it on your face
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Dabbing some Listerine on your face will effectively reduce acne. The mouthwash solution works better than antibiotics and topical creams and has helped many people defeat acne and other skin problems.

  1. Stick your toothbrush in it

Just as it can defeat bacteria in your mouth, Listerine can also defeat germs on your toothbrush. Fill your nightstand glass with some Listerine and stick your toothbrush in it for a couple of hours in order to destroy all bacteria.

  1. Spray it on your screen

Spray some Listerine on your TV or pc screen and wipe with a soft cloth afterwards to get rid of smudges and unwanted gunk. The product will also leave a nice minty smell behind instead of the chemical smell left by window-cleaning products.

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  1. This was such an interesting read. I had no idea how versatile listerine mouth wash is. A lot of these make sense, but wouldn’t it sting if it comes in contact with your skin?

  2. I would think it stings. It also sounds like a terrible idea to rub fluoride under your armpits or soak your feet in it. It’s bad enough that it is in our drinking water and toothpaste. I try to avoid it when possible. It’s highly toxic over time or in high amounts.

  3. The part about not marketed as a mouthwash until the 70’S ….it was always a mouthwash back in the 50’s&60’s. Didn’t have anything else at our house.

  4. Listerin is very good to treat any piles and haemorroids soak with a cotton boil and place it near the itchy and inflammed area for 10 mins.Then relief will get regularly using after 3days.

  5. It’s so marvellous, you can even pour it down the lavatory! I think I will try pouring gallons of it into the river too because that’s all dirty looking and I’m sure it will do it good.

  6. Wow, I had no idea that you could use Listerine in all of these ways. That’s great that you can use it on dogs to get rid of fleas. I’ll have to share that tip with my sister and brother.

  7. Great post! This is so nice! Bookmarking this page for later. Quick question: Can Listerine be use in washing ?

  8. Wow, so many uses that I never knew of! I need to try some of these, especially using Listerine as a screen cleaner. I am always looking for a nice and streak free glass cleaner!

  9. I didn’t know there were so many uses of listerine. Had no idea about the armpit great little hack when you don’t have deodorant.

  10. We have had problems with bug bites and flees this year. It has been very bad in our area. We live fairly rural and my kids are always playing in the woods with the dog. I will definatly try this. Thank you so much for the info.

  11. I never do that Listerine could do any of these things. The next time I need to use deodorant and I don’t have any I am totally doing this trick.

  12. The only mouthwash I use is Listerine, but I had no idea I could use it for all of these things. I do soak my toothbrush in it, and now I’m going to pour some in my toilet while I’m in the bathroom. It’s a great short cut that takes no time to disinfect my toilet. I never thought about using it for itches, but that does make sense.

  13. I never knew about these uses of Listerine! Our pups have fleas, as I’m sure a lot of people experience. I’d like to try it on them, as well as in our toilet. I was blown away when you wrote that it can be used on your armpits and head to combat dandruff!

  14. Wow, I never knew that Listerine had so many uses. It stings when I use it as mouthwash so I’m sure it would be great to but on bug bites–painful at first but definitely helpful!

  15. I love all these ideas! I didn’t know Listerine had so many other uses other than mouthwash. I think I’ll start gargling and spit it out in the toilet instead of the sink. Dual purpose cleaning, I suppose? lol
    Thanks for the tips!

  16. I have only ever used it for mouth cleansing purposes. However, I might have to try soaking my feet in it after reading this. I always like to find interesting new uses for products that I already have.

  17. That is a lot of uses, and I wouldn’t have guessed there were so many. Great idea to dip your toothbrush in it – I really think toothbrushes breed a lot of bacteria and recycle all those germs!

  18. I love learning new uses for such common household items, it’s so interesting! I’ve heard that listerine was first advertised as a cleaning product so it makes sense that it has so many germ killing uses.

  19. It”s very interesting, but also a bit scary when I think that I floss with the stuff….it reminds me of the insect repellent that I used to remove my nail polish 😉

  20. Wow. I did not know that you could use Listerine in other ways! I will try that hack on my dog. I don’t think he has fleas but at thick and fluffy his coat is, i can never really tell.

  21. Wow I definitely have not heard of a lot of these! I have to try some of them out, so genius! Loved reading these and wowing myself each time haha!

  22. I had no idea Listerine could be used for so many different things. It makes sense since it is an astringent but I’ve always used it as a mouthwash. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Put a cottonball soaked with listerine mouthwash at itchy anus of starting piles for three days,see the result…

9 Listerine uses you probably never heard of