Have you ever been in that situation where you are being so indecisive about what color of eye shadow use? You probably have your favorite go to shades that you always wear, but if you want to mix it up your look, it can be a bit challenging. I definitely know the struggle of having multiple eye shadow palettes and not knowing if I should be bold and daring and go for a new look, or if I should use the same three colors I always use and call it good. If you are interested in trying a new look for yourself then you may want to invest in some eye shadows that are best for your eye color. It is a simple way to broaden the spectrum of your everyday looks. Of course, you are not required to stick with one look. There are so many fun and different colors of eye shadow to try. I encourage each one of you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new occasionally.

By looking at the four most common eye colors – brown, green, hazel, and blue – determining which eye shadow colors suit you best is easy.

Brown and Hazel (brown) Eyes

If you have brown eyes, you are lucky and can get away with almost any color of makeup for your eyes. However, if you want your beautiful brown eyes to really stand out and pop, you may want to opt for pinks, greens, and gold. You can even try out a greenish gold color or something that is close to copper. Blue is also a great color to play with since blue and brown contrast. It will make your eyes stand out. If you are looking for a natural look, lighter shades are a great choice, and if you are looking to achieve a sexy and dramatic look, darker shades should be your go to colors. Another tip that could really help with making your eyes pop would be to use a blue, or navy, eyeliner. This is a great way to incorporate that blue for contrast without having to be too bold with your eye shadow if you are not comfortable with doing that just yet.



Green and Hazel (green) Eyes

The best color for people with green eyes is purple. Plum is a perfect shade of purple to make your eyes vibrant. Warm colors, like lilac and medium pink, and neutral tones, like browns that are gold and bronze, are also great for green eyes. To make your eyes really stand out, the best way to apply your eye shadow is to find a medium shade for your lid, a darker color for your crease, and a light color to act as a highlighter for your brow bone. It would also be beneficial to stay away from black eyeliner. Brown eyeliner softens the look up a bit while giving your eyes the pop that they need.

Hazel Eyes

Some eye shadow tips for hazel eyes have already been mentioned, but there are a few more that are specific just to hazel eyes. Browns, golds, yellows, and greens will help bring out your eyes. Purples, such as a violet or eggplant, are a great contrast to the green colors. Green and purple pair perfectly, and will help bring out the green hues in your eyes. A plum eyeliner with hazel eyes will make your eyes really pop.


Blue Eyes

If you were someone with blue eyes, it would be beneficial to stay away from blue shadows that are close to your own eye color because it will just wash you out the blue of your eyes. If you do want to go with a blue eye shadow, darker blues like a navy would be perfect for you. In addition, the color that contrasts most with blue is orange. The two pair perfectly, so orange hues or metallic shades, like gold or bronze, would suit you best. Shades with a gray undertone are also great compliments to your eyes. Neutral colors will also work well with your eyes.

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Whether you realize it or not, most make up brands already have small eye shadow palettes that are specific to certain eye colors. Those small palettes of three or four colors are selected because the colors go well together. They are also like this because they can work well with your eye color. Some brands even advertise that their small eye shadow palettes are specific to certain eye colors, such as Almay’s Intense i-Color line of eye shadows. Next time you are at the store, look for a new palette that suits you and play around with it. What’s more fun than experimenting with new makeup!?

Another little product that everyone should invest in is eye shadow primer. This stuff is great and it definitely should be sitting in your makeup bag. A little bit of this stuff goes a long way. Plus, your eye shadow WILL stay on much longer and it will last throughout the day, as well as make the color of your shadow seem more vivid. Find one that fits your budget and try it out. In addition, here is a little tip for you, your regular concealer can also function as an eye shadow primer. I’ve tried both, and I am definitely in favor of the eye shadow primer, but concealer is a great alternative.