Juicing Recipe for Bone Building

Can juicing help the human bones? Without knowing the outcome, it helped my mother get off her Osteoporosis medication. The human bones are the foundation of our bodies, they uphold the form and provide the capability for body movement. The larger bones in the body contain bone marrow which handles our platelets and the dominant part of skeletal substance; it is also the storage sites for calcium and phosphate. The significant part of the assimilated calcium is deposited into our bones and the remaining exists in our blood.

When our bodies have a calcium deficiency, it will make use of the calcium spared from our bones. If this deficiency is prolonged, the calcium in the bones begin blazing and leads to different bone health issues, like bone loss and there are many risk factors, including sex hormone deficiency, inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis and the major effect of bone loss leads to fractures when we get older.

We can prevent these risk factors through healthy lifestyle choices. Nearly everyone knows that milk, yogurt and cheddar are rich in calcium, but we need to be careful because they are high in calories. Green juicing will help compose bone density, repair past damage and provide many other health benefits with fewer calories. In addition, green juicing has an incredible source of calcium. Juicing will also help increase vitamin consumption into our bones, fights illnesses, enhance cellular protection, relieve pain and reduce the need for prescription medication.

Juicing helps you build healthy bones at any age, prevent bone loss and prevent osteoporosis later in life. Some individuals may require pharmaceutical for a few serious bone issues, but with green juicing you can reduce further damage and eventually repair the damage. Regardless of the diagnosis, you can make an extremely educated decision to repair your health and choice to fuse juicing on top of your solution.

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My mother was on osteoporosis medication which had a list of side-effects and her bones were not getting better. My father who had been green juicing for a couple of years decided that he was going to persuade my mother to have a juice with him each morning. My mother is slightly fussy with taste, she had tried juice before and said ‘blech!’ and never tried it again. Consequently, my dad wanted her to start drinking juice because of how young and extraordinary he felt. So he would make 16 oz. of Green juice for him and her every morning.

Eventually, we discovered that she was discarding a large portion of it. I confronted my mom and said ‘’I know you would prefer not to drink the juice, just tell dad. It takes a lot of time to juice and the expensive of what you are throwing away isn’t worth the trouble. Dad simply needs you to be around for a long time and he wants you to be healthy in your retirement years.’ I guess I overcame her and she began drinking it. The next time she headed off to the doctor’s, they were amazed, as her bones were starting to repair. Apparently, she ended up getting off her medication and her bones were back to normal. She loves Green juicing now. My father didn’t realize green juicing might repair her bones, he just wanted her to be healthier.

Here’s one of the best juicing recipe to help build bones

  • 1 cup of broccoli
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 1 cup of kale
  • 1/2 cup of parsley
  • 3 carrots
  • 2 apples

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Juicing Recipe for Bone Building