I love when I have the opportunity to go to the spa. Who doesn’t love a spa day after a long hard week. My problem is that I am very picky when it comes touching my toes and face. When I go to a spa I want it feel like it’s all about me.  I want it to have a relaxing, calm environment, be clean, and have a knowledgeable staff.

Locally owned Salon Foushee & Spa meets all of what I was I looking for in a wonderful spa experience and much more. Salon Foushee & Spa has two locations one in Downtown Denver and one in Littleton. There are numerous services to choose from. My two favorites treatments are the Focus Facial and the Cloud 9 Pedicure.

The 60-minute Focus Facial is great because the products used in the treatment are customized for your skin. This facial includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliating mask and steam treatment. The esthetician also massages your face, neck and shoulders to make your facial experience one of a kind.

When you have the 50-minute Cloud 9 Pedicure, you will absolutely be hooked. Every time I get this pedicure I fall asleep.  Who falls asleep during a pedicure?  If you get a Cloud 9 Pedicure you will know why.  I can honestly say that you really do feel like you’re floating on clouds.  The reclining spa chairs and the masks they provide for you to wear during the pedicure is a perk that I love.  You receive a heated sugar scrub with steamed towels to start you on your way to Cloud 9.  Then once the foot and leg massage starts you’ve arrived. If you can become relaxed enough to fall asleep during a pedicure they have done their job…love it!

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