If you want to wear dramatic makeup, you should consider these essential products in your daily routine.

All women like to wear a fresh and natural face without the need to put too many products that over time can damage our skin, and especially without spending much time in the morning, and after a Nose surgery in “Khon Kaen” (เสริมจมูก ขอนแก่น which is the term in thai).

To achieve this, a team of professionals with years of experience in makeup that are available to you at 6 in the morning is not always required.

Therefore, in this note, we leave you a list with the five basic kits that should not be missing in your daily routine. You will be surprised to discover all the time you will save in the morning.


The makeup base is one of the essential products when it comes to makeup because it is responsible for correcting the imperfections of our skin, as well as giving it a uniform tone so that the rest of the look looks spectacular. To do this, you must make sure you use the necessary amount and the colour that your skin goes, otherwise, it will be exaggerated, and nobody looks for that.


The second step is the concealer of dark circles. This product should become your best friend, especially after those dawned among friends. It will be responsible for giving light and luminosity to your face, in addition to correcting those annoying pimples. The concealer should be applied in the form of “V” and just under the eyes, also on the forehead and septum of the nose.

Translucent POWDER

The translucent powder will be responsible for seal your makeup throughout the day. It will also reduce excess oil on the skin without losing the natural shine of each.

Eyelash Mask

It is inevitable. It will bring life to your face, and you will look more awake. We recommend playing with different styles of mascara; Ideally, you combine a product for the volume with another that helps the length so that you will achieve a killer look.


Finally, the bronzer. This product must be applied at the end of all the makeup; it is responsible for giving color to your face so you do not look pale. You should apply it diagonally and under the cheekbone bone.