The interest in vaping is growing as more people move away from regular cigarettes everyone now knows are very bad for you, and do not smell good either. Vaping is something people can do more safely, less likely to bother people around you and many find it relaxing to do so. Here is a closer look at why people choose to vape and some interesting statistics and facts about it. We will also look at why the best option to start is to use vape starter kits NZ or where you live.

  1. According to the latest figures from WHO, (World Health Organization) since the year 2000, the number of smokers has steadily decreased. Though the decreases are small it means some people are looking for an alternative and try vaping. Vaping, on the other hand, has increased and rapidly so. The estimate is that by 2021 about 55 million adults will vape.
  2. More people are spending on e-cigarettes so the market for things like starter kits, or vape batteries NZ is expanding as a result. The global vape market is estimated to be more than $22.6 billion US dollars.
  3. The top markets are in Japan, the UK, and the US but some European countries like Sweden, Germany, Norway, and Italy are in the top 10.
  4. There are two types of e-cigarettes, closed and open system sometimes referred to as closed or open tank. When you vape with an open system you the user can manually refill the liquid as it has a mouthpiece that is removable. Closed systems cannot have a manual refill, they come with refills ready-made that you screw on to the battery. Open is more popular than closed.
  5. Most people vape because it is not as bad for them as regular cigarettes. Nearly half do it as a way to stop smoking. In fact, in England, the public health agency recommended vaping to be available with a prescription so more people were able to give up smoking.
  6. There are many specialty stores now that specialize in selling vape equipment. You will find the liquid, the pen-style devices, vape batteries NZ and so on. New to vaping means vape starter kits NZ are the best way to go. They are made up of the e-cigarette, batteries, built-in tanks and such. Everything needed to get started and they are very user-friendly. If you are thinking os giving vaping a try, get a starter kit.

At the moment not a lot is known about the long term effects of using vape starter kits, NZ and users should understand that the nicotine you are vaping is still addictive. But many people still use them as that effect is not the same as in regular cigarettes. Just make sure that if you are traveling anywhere you check to see if where you are heading out to allows them. Some places will fine you and take your equipment away. Thailand is such a place as are Brazil and the Seychelles.