As a new marijuana lover, you’re likely to have a lot of queries about the weed before you get involved with it. You are not alone; believe us. People are posing these questions both online and offline, with mainly unsatisfactory responses. But, in this article, we will answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

1) Which Cannabis Seeds Can I Purchase?

When deciding what cannabis seeds to buy, make sure the cannabis seeds look decent and are a pleasant brown with dark spots; this indicates that the cannabis seeds are mature enough to produce. Yellow or black cannabis are either dead or very old, while green cannabis seeds are immature and may not germinate. You need to avoid these types of seeds when you Order Marijuana Seeds.

2) What are the most popular methods of cannabis consumption?

There are two key ways to consume cannabis: recreationally or medicinally. The first method is to smoke it, which has been used for a while. The second method is to consume cannabis in the form of edibles. These edibles may be prepared at home or purchased from a medical marijuana dispensary.

3) How to recover from adverse reactions of THC?

The sum of THC in the weed is the primary determinant of potency. If the consumer has an adverse reaction to the efficacy of their preferred strain, they may easily use a CBD substance as an “antidote” to the THC. CBD interacts with the same receptors as THC. You can soon experience relief from the THC because CBD is non-psychotropic.

4) When should marijuana seeds be harvested?

Many growers wonder when to harvest Marijuana seeds after the whole process of germination, development, and flowering. Often, breeders will provide a suggested flowering period for each variety, but as a general rule, Indica cannabis plants harvest in 6-8 weeks, and Sativa marijuana plants harvest in 10-12 weeks.

5) What is the THC content of modern marijuana on average?

A significant proportion of marijuana on the market – both legal and illicit – tests at about 10% – 13% of THC value. Some strains have been reported to have as much as 25% THC (such as some very powerful Girl Scout Cookies hybrids), whereas others have been reported to have as much as 37% THC.

Every day we receive hundreds of similar questions from new marijuana lovers as well as experienced users. The industry is quite sensitive, and hence every individual has his/her own set of queries about the market before they order marijuana seeds for cultivation. Slowly and steadily, the marijuana industry is gaining legalization, and it is just a matter of some time before marijuana products are completely legalized all over the country.