Something that no woman ever wants to hear from her doctor, is that she has entered menopause, as that is the time of her life when she is no longer capable of having her own children due the “burn out” of her ovaries. While some women are quite happy that they will no longer experience monthly cycles, some of them will have other reactions which might make their every-day life a bit difficult.

Various Menopause Symptoms

One of the first symptoms that a woman will be occurring before menopause are irregular menstrual cycles. The menstrual cycles can become a week, or even months between each other, and menopause officially begins when a woman goes without a menstrual cycle for twelve months.

Hot flashes are a symptom that no woman wants to experience, as it is probably the most annoying and dangerous one as well. It is very annoying because it can make person feel overheated, which causes them to sweat a lot, and that can be quite inconvenient at business meetings or dates. It is dangerous because the overheating can also trigger some physiological changes in the body.

Similar to hot flashes, there are also chills, which make the person feel a bit cold from time to time. Since being cold is less dangerous from the physiological aspect on the body, all it takes to control this symptom is to warm up a bit.

Vaginal dryness is another symptom that can sometimes show in menopause. It is a very uncomfortable symptom to live with, as the inner walls of the vagina or going to be completely dry, because the hormone which was destined to keep it moist is no longer active in the body.

Mood changes is a symptom where a person is not capable of controlling their emotions. While it may not be a big deal if someone’s happy emotions get overwhelming to the point where they start crying, it can be quite bad if mood changes make someone depressed or angry.

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Treatment will make you happier

Is there a cure for menopause?

While there is no possible cure for menopause at the moment, scientists have been working on it every day. However, there are a couple of ways to treat certain symptoms, and make them completely disappear while the treatment is taking place.

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Live happily through menopause by getting rid of the symptoms

Final Word

No woman deserves to suffer because they happen to have bad luck when it comes to her genetics, and that is why getting treatment via hormone therapy is highly suggested if you happen to have some menopause that are making your life more difficult.