There are various kinds of drugs in the world that have been invented or discovered and have been proven beneficial for humankind. They are used in treating illnesses and are widely used in the medical field. Even the medicines that we take are a form of drug but one that is beneficial for the body when taken as per the directions of a physician. However, some drugs are highly harmful for the body. One such example is “Fentanyl”.

Now, you may be wondering, what is fentanyl drug, and what is it used for?

Heroin is considered one of the strongest drugs out there that severely damages the body and brain after its intake. But Fentanyl has 50-100 times more potency than heroin. Let us elaborate on what it exactly does.

What Is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl, a prescription ll drug, is often used by medical professionals to treat acute pain or provide relief by managing the pain caused after surgery. It is a dominant synthetic analgesic that is very similar to morphine but extremely potent than almost 50 times. In the medical industry, Fentanyl is used as a prescription opioid sold with different names, including Actiq, Duragesic, and Sublimaze.

How Is Fentanyl Used?

If you have ever heard a Fentanyl addiction podcasts while scrolling through the list, you must be aware that Fentanyl is used as a cure to chronic pain when used in the prescription form. It is usually given in the form of an injection or transdermal patch and lozenges. 

There are several side effects of taking this high-power drug that works like heroin. These effects include; Nausea, drowsiness, fatigue, sedation, constipation, unconsciousness, etc. High doses of Fentanyl directly affect the opioid receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for controlling the breathing rate, and large doses of Fentanyl can cause breathing to halt, which eventually leads to death.

Several clandestine laboratories are responsible for making overdoses of this deadly drug. Many people buy these drugs resembling low potency opioids that are sold after mixing with heroin, in powder and tablet forms. They are taken by snorting, swallowing, or injecting in the body. This induces a temporary effect of relaxation and euphoria by increasing dopamine levels in the body. A lot of fentanyl addiction podcasts often throw light on the in-depth details of this opioid drug, making people aware of its side effects and suggesting various practical ways to help in bashing it out from the society.