A dental veneer is a part of oral wellness and oral wellness comprises of everything related to mouth – teeth, gums, tongue and palates. Our teeth reflect exactly what we eat and with time they do fall under the wear and tear zone. Discoloration is one prominent issue with the teeth. Dental veneers act as artificial shields to maintain the natural look of your teeth. 

Since this piece of dental science deals with the beautification of one’s smile and teeth, it falls under cosmetic dentistry. Veneers Turkey dentists reshape your teeth by applying veneers to your damaged teeth and this brings back your confident smile. Over the last thirty years or so, the advancement in modern dentistry has successfully made veneers more natural. 

History of Dental Veneers

Veneers have become outstandingly popular over a couple of years. However, these came from the period (almost hundred years ago) of Hollywood movies. Charles Pincus, a very famous Hollywood dentist, way back in the late 1920s, gave birth to the idea of bringing life to the actors’ smile by improving their teeth structure and colors with a false porcelain front-shield. Unfortunately, he didn’t have modern technology to fix this porcelain to the teeth permanently. Dr. Michael Bunocore, later in 1960s, developed adhesive dentistry in the modern era by fixing the porcelain with a light acid-like service. In the 1980s, J.R. Calamia and R.J. Simonsen, followed Dr. Bunocore’s footsteps in adhesive dentistry. Gradually, this technique was reached by many to get a perfect smile and shape of their teeth.    

Modern Veneers

The porcelain veneers stand so brilliantly translucent that they allow the natural enamel to be seen without making any noticeable differences. Veneers Turkey digital imaging promotes the very same day veneer repairs thereby bringing back the natural shape and shade of people’s teeth’s enamel. Moreover, the modern therapies such as teeth bleaching and crowning when combined with veneers provide the best stunning smiles and results.

Targeted People

People who face the following can opt for veneers Turkey dental treatment:

  • A very minor chipping
  • Small tooth fracture
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Unattractive teeth spacing

People with good gum health, healthy enamel and correct oral care; celebrities (whose looks are their source of income), and people with access to good oral hygiene can opt for this dental cosmetic treatment. People with bad gum, gum bleeding, tooth decay, canal infections, unhygienic oral conditions and other dental issues are automatically eliminated from the list. 

The only way to identify whether or not you fit to get veneers done for your teeth is by consulting a profound cosmetic dentist. It is only a dentist who after scrutinizing the health of an individual can give a green signal to the person interested for dental veneers. 

The Pricing of Dental Veneers  

Although, veneers Turkey dental treatment is cheap when compared to other developed nations, there are other factors too controlling the pricing of dental veneers as follows:

Veneer Types: There are varieties of porcelain used to make veneers. The newest (resilience-based and very realistic) type is definitely higher in cost as compared to the older types. To add more to this, the positioning too affects the pricing of the product. Complex the procedure, higher will be its charge.

Dentists’ Experience: Certified modern-day dental professionals charge more for the placement of veneers than the dentists believing in old methodologies. The modern dental clinics are well-equipped with ultra-modern technology to quickly do the veneers as per the need of the patient.

Geographical Location: Every nation has a different pricing strategy for dental veneers. When you opt for veneers Turkey treatment in a city, the charges are higher. You should try for less populated areas after refining your search for a good dentist there, if you are looking forward to cut your expenses. 

Plus Points

There are benefits attached to this modern-day veneers Turkey dental treatment:

  • It acts as a next-to-permanent solution to your damaged teeth structure.
  • It brings back you’re the confidence in your smile.
  • The color selection seems quite possible matching the exact dental enamel to skip any color difference.
  • Your gum-health is not affected adversely with veneers.
  • Veneers improve the visual appearance of your teeth and smile as a whole.
  • This process is affordable when compared to dental crowning or an implantation for damaged teeth.
  • This dental technique is next-to-perfect look of your teeth.
  • It helps to hide the discoloration of teeth and its misalignment.

The Associated Risks

The entire application process is irreversible. Once the application of veneer is done on your natural tooth, it cannot be removed.

This process involves removing some portion of your tooth enamel that deteriorates the teeth sustenance to fight against tooth sensitivity. In other words, it increases tooth sensitivity while eating hot and cold food. 

Veneers are prone to decay as well, although not exactly as the enamel are.

They fall off from the teeth or break into pieces upon force while eating or munching or biting hard stuff.