Generally, the eyelash extension treatment is an avenue to beautify your natural eyelashes. If you are to see the results, it quite overwhelming. And much more when you get to undergo the process all by yourself and experience its wonders first-hand. After having the said cosmetic procedure, you can see the changes s that is much evident. It includes the feeling that your eyelashes are finally extended changing its length. And for the lashes to last long, there are some tips and pieces of advice which you have to follow. There are some do’s and dont’s that you have to know.

If you are a beginner, be aware of the steps used in taking good care of the new lashes. The process of maintaining the new lashes you have is an avenue for achieving better results. Also, it will prevent you from any possible harm or damages to your eyes or lashes. The process is also a recovery period, and like the eyebrow shaping Sydney like in Fancy Lash, you have to be consistent in having your lashes well taken care of at all times.

To give you some ideas, here are some ways which you can use in protecting your eyelashes from any damages.

  • Let It Stay Dry

Right after the extension procedure, your extended eyelashes must not have any contact with a liquid for about one or two days. You have to let it stay dry, or otherwise, it might cause an adverse impact on you. It will help your extended eyelashes remain stable with your natural one. There will be eye irritation as well when you let it dry for a while. But, if there are some circumstances which you may not avoid, such as being a sweaty person, then take a rest for a while. Some of these sweats are also water that may fall into your eyelashes. So, be careful on this part.

  • Brush It Carefully

Since your new eyelashes are quite delicate, you may brush them carefully. It is used to prevent any twisted eyelash from curling further. Be sensitive enough not to put too much force in brushing your lashes. You don’t want to cause damage to your newly extended eyelashes. And to give you some necessary help, you may use the best natural looking eyelash extensions at Fancy Lash, for example, to assist you in doing this activity. It’s best to seek some guidance rather than resulting in worse scenarios.

  • No Plucking Of The Eyelash Extension

As for the last one, you can keep your eyelash extension healthy by not plucking it as it will generally make your lashes lose. You should not pluck any of your eyelash extensions. Also, it’ll make the strands of hair much thinner. When you pursue to have a thick and long eyelash, then better leave your hands out of it as much as possible. Also, prevent yourself from having an eyelash curler which may have the same effect.

Final Word

Remember these ideas, especially if it’s your first time undergoing the eyelash extension treatment. Keep yourself aware of the pre-emptive measures so your eyelashes will not be damaged.