The major issue people have with the Christian faith is why God allows them to suffer a lot when they are doing well. In this blog, we would like to share a reasonable explanation on this issue. So, let’s get started.

The Bible teaches us that God is the creator of humans. But it is difficult to take that how a good God can allow suffering? Read the answer to this question very carefully. God created humans for a particular purpose- In the process of achieving the same purpose; they let us suffer because people cannot get good things effortlessly. They examine our capabilities, and when people prove ourselves that they are good enough for that thing, they create our path with petals of rose and eliminate the forks. You can also opt for the prayer request platforms that share your problems with god and request him to heal it.

The universe runs on God’s rules, and people are not allowed to create our rules:

Just like when people are teenagers, they follow the path that our parents told us to follow. Because people believe in their parents that they always offer fruitful advice to us. When human beings grow older, people create our rules as per their experience and understanding and follow them. But, according to the Bible, everything people do reflects the rules of God that he created for us. As people all have unique souls, so the rules for us are also unique. Everything they do is out of rules represents sin (jealousy with the friend, misbehaving with parents, and raising violence). It is God who creates positive rules for us if people avoid his rule and make rules as per our experience and understanding they suffer. Like pervasiveness of sin can damage our internal soul and make us evil.

A craving only, he can satisfy:

God is the only spiritual power in this universe who can turn darkness into light. He can clean the dust and make right what is wrong in this world. God has created a good world, but now people recognize bad things. This is where the existence and importance of God come into the picture. God guides us on what is good and bad for us and makes us believe that the path you have chosen for you will take you to a good destination or not. If God doesn’t exist, where does our intent sense of right and wrong come from? No matter how many times people blame God for whatever bad things happen to us, thank God patiently and consistently pursued us.

Many consider the reality of evil in the world implies that there is no existence of God.

Even we believe in the Christian faith and embrace it but why God allows suffering. Let’s face it that eliminating God doesn’t make it easier to cope with suffering. But if we run our life under within the rule of the God that he created for us, at the time of suffering, he gives us the power to fight against and let our life to live with a peace of mind.

Final Say

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