First of all we all need to know what oil is, the answer is CBD oil is an extract which is derived from the plants of cannabis and when these plants are dried it takes the form of marijuana. It is believed by some that they can relieve pain and to reduce anxiety and the same way they use marijuana. CBD also promises to their customers that it can treat some kinds of seizures. CBD is only safe when it’s completely THC free because THC makes people ‘high’ as it’s known as a psychoactive element.

Forms of CBD

CBD is a mixture of carrier oil and coconut or hemp seed. People real cbd oil in bottles which is called tincture and sold in different concentrations. Customers are familiar with CBD capsules, gummies CBD sprays which can be used under the tongue

Why people buy CBD in cancer treatment

It can be too early as researches are ongoing regarding use of CBD in cancer treatment. No conclusion has been derived yet. Researchers are also looking for potential of CBD in use of treatment of cancer patients but CBD can help cancer patients by

         Stimulating appetite- People who are suffering from cancer and have treatment may lose their appetite and feel nausea and it becomes challenging to maintain a healthy weight. So, CBD may help to stimulate appetite but there is also no evidence to prove that alone CVT has this potential.

         Pain relief- cancer and its treatment is not so easy it can lead to pain during treatment of cancer inflammation is the thing which led patients in pain and apart from these nerve injuries also occurs. To make patient relief CBD is useful in this case. CBD acts on the CB2 receptors which can make patient relief as it reduces inflammation.

         It helps to ease nausea- cannabis can help patients with cancer that has regular nausea due to chemotherapy. In this situation THC is beneficial as it has an anti – nausea effect CBD has not but it cannot be given without a doctor’s prescription as it has side effects too. Some of the patients get instant relief from low amounts of THC.

When you are going to buy CBD you need to be aware of its interaction with other medications which can damage your liver and can be more harmful.