If you or someone you love struggle with heroin addiction, you need to know that you’re struggling with something that’s amazingly hard to overcome. Heroin addiction is among the toughest things to handle and quit.

It’s not easy, or better said, it’s impossible to do it on your own. The heroin is such a chemical that creates a serious problem in the brain’s receptors and makes the user think that the drug is needed just like the rest of the necessary ingredients for staying alive – food, water, air.

The heroin is an opiate drug that creates a feeling of euphoria but at the same time it makes the extremities heavy, it slows down the breathing and the pulse rate, which leaves the person almost unable to move while the brain is functioning like everything is working 10 times faster and better.

Drug users love it because it is one of the drugs that affect the most on the brain. They claim that the high is like nothing else in this world and gives pleasure that no other substance or activity can offer.

When it is injected in the vein through a needle, it takes seven seconds for the effect to show up which means it starts working almost immediately. It can also be smoked and inhaled which leaves the consumer time of around 10-15 minutes until it starts working.

The usual effect lasts no more than half an hour. After that, the person is left with apathy and sleepiness. Just like the brain is so exhausted that it needs rest. The problem is that when the person gets back to normal, the brain feels like it needs another dose to feel the high again. The user stops feeling interested in reality and all they want to do is get away in their place of imagination.

That’s why the withdrawal is so hard. It leaves people in complete depression and gives them a feeling of futility. They don’t want to live in a world where nothing can compensate for the feeling they once felt. See some more fact about it on this link.

It’s almost impossible to handle the withdrawal alone. Even friends and family can’t help in most of the cases because people who are trying to quit must face a very difficult time. The feelings every person who’s trying to quit gets are much more than imaginary. Between the first and the second day after the last dose, the muscles and bones hurt so much that it feels like they’re breaking. It is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

With things like these, the user has no choice but seek another dose just to calm the pain. The pain is the highest between the first two days but it can go on for a week. During this time it’s likely that insomnia will also be present and the consumer faces a week of non-stop pain. That’s why withdrawal is so hard without the help of professionals.

What rehab offers?

When the person goes to rehab, they are treated by professional medical persons. They are equipped and trained for these situations. The science is aware of the dangers that follow with the heroin addiction withdrawal so the medical staff is equipped with a lot of knowledge about it.

The most important thing in rehab is inpatient treatment which can last from 30 to 90 days. In some cases, this can be even longer, depending on the condition of the patient. Most cases are clean after 90 days, but some people simply need more treatment because of the severity of their case.

While there, the patients have a strict daily routine. They are supervised at all times and they receive medical therapy that will lower the long lasting effect of the heroin. This is needed because the pain can often be unbearable and giving the patients lighter drugs that will compensate for the missing heroin will be enough for them to overcome the crises.

Also, people have meetings with other patients and the medical staff every day where they talk about their experiences, bad moments, and moments of happiness. This is all proven to help in the process of overcoming the drug and getting out as clean as possible.

Can heroin addicts get back to work?

A lot of people who tried this narcotic think they can continue living as nothing happened. The truth is that this is not like any light drug. Some look for help online just to pass the test and continue working. See more about this here – https://drugtestingreviews.com/. Even though this can help you pass the testing, it is still not solving the problem with the addiction.

The only time you’ll be ready for going back to work is after you’re completely cleaned and passed the rehab medical staff’s opinions. The doctors there are the ones that will give a precise opinion about whether you’re ready to go back or not.

Of course, the final word is yours and if you’re not ready to overcome the problem, no doctor will be able to help completely. Rehab helps people get cleaned and ready to go back to society. The choice of not taking any drug ever again is only yours.


We can say that rehab is the only choice when people are battling heroin addiction. This is not a common light drug that can be overcome with denial. This one leaves serious marks on the human brain and body and it needs to be taken highly serious.

A lot of people that ignored the problem died of an overdose. There’s no risk of dying from the withdrawal process and the pain can’t kill you, but eventually, you may take a dose that’s too high and lose your life.

This is something that needs extra attention and must be taken highly serious. Without rehab, it’s nearly impossible to completely quit and get back to normal daily activities and work.