Minoxidil 2 Formula is one of the most recommended treatment options for the re-growth of hair by dermatologists. The use of this solution each day helps women revive their hair follicles and re-grow hair that is fuller, thicker and younger in appearance. Find out about the top benefits of using this hair regrowth formula.

What are the Biggest Advantages of the Formula?

  • Easy to Use – The formula can easily be applied on the areas of the scalp where hair is thinning. The product comes with a dropper included in the package.
  • Proven formula – The formula has been clinically proven to aid in hair regrowth in as less time as 3 months.
  • Safe to use – The solution for the formula, which has 2% minoxidil, has been approved by the FDA.
  • Works quicker – As compared to Minoxidil, Minoxidil 2% works much faster. It can safely be said that no other treatment for topical loss of hair works quicker for the re-growth of fuller hair.

Using the Formula – Top Things to Remember

  • The solution must be applied for two times every day, as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Begin with damp, but not wet, or dry hair (preferably towel-dried). Part your hair in some rows to maximize the exposure of scalp.
  • The solution has to be massage uniformly in areas where hair is found to be thinning. Allow the solution to get soaked into your scalp and let it be air-dried fully, prior to styling or blow-drying your hair.
  • Only the recommended dosage has to be applied for 2 times daily. Applying it in greater amount or its more frequent use will not hasten or enhance the growth of hair.
  • Its use must be continued in order to maintain and improve the re-growth of hair. Else, loss of hair will start again.