Electronic single-channel pipettes are regarded to be a better choice over their manual counterparts. It is because they offer more accurate handling and dispensing of liquids. However, what else can we expect from this type of pipette?

Electronic single-channel pipettes have other benefits only seasoned users and laboratory personnel understand. If you happen to be thinking about acquiring one but are having second thoughts, then you may want to look at these perks below:

  1. Wide range of settings that enable you to draw substances with precision.

One of the most important benefits of using an electronic single-channel pipette is that it has different control settings that allow you to draw liquid substances at exact volumes.

Handling a small amount of liquid can be very challenging when you do it using a manual pipette. You can only get a rough estimate of the substance based on the fixed volume capacity of the pipette. Do note that a small alteration of the substance volume can change your entire study, whether you drew an amount that is a little less or a little more than your required volume.

  1. Speed controls when drawing liquids.

Aside from volume calibration and monitoring, electronic pipettes also come with speed controls. You can aspire the fluid at different speeds then transfer it to their assigned tubes or wells at a uniform manner. This allows you to handle fluids of different consistencies efficiently.

  1. Faster drawing of liquids compared to manual pipettes.

Lastly, an electronic single-channel pipette enables you to draw and transport liquids at equal amounts faster compared to manual pipettes. It is because you no longer have to worry whether you have dispensed the same amount of liquid onto their assigned wells since they are drawn at uniform volume and speed transfer settings.