Infertility may be seen in many couples but every one of them feels depressed and hopeless when it comes to childbirth naturally. It is not easy to conceive with the help of medical procedures no matter how strongly they claim. Moreover, childbirth using these procedures costs a lot in terms of efforts, money and stress. People feel exhausted during the entire processes and they might have to undergo these procedures from time to time. It is important to know what causes infertility in both men and women. The reasons may be several which are different for both husband and wife. However, some of the common ones are elaborated below:

Age factor

Age is one of the most common reasons for infertility. It has been observed that the fertility of females declines in mid age, especially after 35 years. In old age, the quality and number of eggs decline as a woman matures. The hormonal levels also decrease in mid 30s. In males, the fertility decreases after the age of 40 as compared to the fertility in young age.

Use of alcohol and tobacco

In both men and women, the intake of alcohol and tobacco may contribute to infertility. This is because, the hampers the overall functions of human body and the hormone levels are also affected. It may cause miscarriage in a woman and low sperm count and motility in a man.


Being overweight can also cause infertility in both man and woman. The overall health and hormones are badly affected if any woman and man are obese. In an obese man, the sperm quality and quantity get affected very badly.

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