Losing a significant amount of weight was impossible for many people until recently. Thanks to advances in medical science, that there are now multiple weight loss procedures to lose excess weight quickly. Losing weight in a short period becomes necessary in case of obesity leading to chronic illnesses. Here is a list of four types of the most common bariatric surgeries for extreme weight loss. If you are considering to undergo bariatric surgery in Mexico, you can choose one of the below after discussing with an expert surgeon.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is proven to be the most effective bariatric surgery. In this procedure, a part of the stomach is permanently removed and the remaining part looks like a sleeve and often resembles the size and shape of a banana. It is one of the irreversible types of bariatric surgery and has long term weight loss effects.


The procedure was first explained by Dr Cesar Roux, hence the name. The result of the surgery has a resemblance with the letter ‘Y’ where a small pouch-like part is separated from the stomach and attached directly to the small intestine. In this procedure the food bypasses the major portion of the stomach and the initial part of the small intestine, reducing the amount of food consumed.

Duodenal Switch

It is a restrictive and malabsorptive procedure. It involves removing almost 70% of the stomach and most of the duodenum. It also reroutes a major portion of the small intestine by creating two pathways through a common channel called duodenal switch. The shorter pathway carries food from the stomach to the common channel, and the longer pathway carries bile from the liver to the common channel.

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

It is also known as lap-band surgery and is reversible. It means that it does not involve permanent alterations to the size or shape of the stomach. An adjustable band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach that holds the food until it is digested. The adjustable band restricts the food intake and helps in controlling the overall caloric intake.

Now that you have a fair idea about types of bariatric surgeries for weight loss, it will be easier for you to make a choice. Assess your need and then map which option suits best to your weight loss requirement. While looking out for options regarding bariatric surgery in Mexico, always consult an expert before finalizing on a procedure.