When you plan to apply eyelash extensions, you think only about the cost of lash extensions.

However, these extensions come with many other essential supplies without which the application process cannot be done. Your lash artist will charge you for these supplies too.

One of these additional supplies is the under-eye pads.

You may think that if she chooses low-quality cheap under-eye pads, she will charge you less and thus you’ll save money. However, it will cost you more in the long run.

These under-eye pads are thin and specially designed for using during the application of eyelash extensions.

Their basic function is to separate the bottom lashes from the top lashes to prevent any injury to your delicate eye area by the sharp tweezers.

Low-quality under-eye patches may not be sticky enough and all the bottom lashes may pop out adhering to the upper lashes.

Or they may be too sticky to remove and this may hurt you when you open your eyes after a pleasant nap during the lash extension application.

What do High-quality Under-eye Pads Do?

High-quality under-eye pads stick well on the skin and don’t slide off during the lash extension application. They replicate the shape of under eyes and grip the bottom part of the extensions well.

Their surface should be coated so the liquid products such as primer or glue don’t get absorbed.

They also help grab the inner and outer corners of the lower lashes, and thus make the job of the lash artist easier.

They are light-coloured so that the lash artist can see the lashes well. They work as a canvas for the lash artist to draw a lash style map, so as to help her stay on track to achieve your desired look.

They soothe your skin making your under-eye area feel comfortable and relaxed, giving you a pleasant experience of eyelash extension application.

Thus, you should think something like “eyelash extensions in Sydney near me like Fancy Lash” because lash experts at Fancy Lash choose only high-quality under-eye pads.

Under-eye Pads for Different Eye Shapes

The job of your lash artist doesn’t end by choosing just high-quality under-eye pads. She should also choose the pads according to your eye shape, size and curve.

When your lash artist will consider these things, she can choose the right under-eye pad for you and then the process of lash extension application becomes much more manageable.

Almond Eye

This shape is the most suitable for most under-eye pads and usually keeps all the bottom lashes perfectly down without having to apply an additional medical grade tape.

Doll Eye/Round Eye

This shape needs careful application since it makes your eyes prone to bruising of eyeballs. The standard pads don’t suit this shape and your lash artist needs to use different techniques.

If the shape of any of the under-eye pads available at your lash artist doesn’t fit your eye shape, she can also cut the bottom a bit and attach them.

All in all, whether you choose the best 3d eyelash extensions in Sydney or classic lashes, make sure your lash artist uses high-quality under-eye pads to make the application process smooth and comfortable.