Dental diseases are so common that you may not find a single individual who has never suffered a dental problem in life. Dental problems start as early as 4 to 6 months among the infants. But the consolation is you can very well check or prevent dental problems if you are conscious about the importance of oral health. Taking care of preventive measures towards ensuring your dental health is easy and simple. Just follow the four steps regularly, and you are done. The four steps are (1) brushing your teeth twice daily, (2) flossing regularly, (3) eating healthy foods, and (4) regular interaction with the dentist. Contact Centre Dentaire Oracare to avail the best dental care and services for your dental health. Find out the common dental/oral problems we often suffer below.

  • Bad breath: Everybody knows what a bad breath or a bad smelling breath is which is so embarrassing. It is normally called halitosis. As per the dental health study, 85% of people suffering from halitosis or bad breath is caused by dental problems. There are many diseases associated with oral or dental problems as well as other problems are associated with bad breath. If you try to cover up the bad breath with mouth wash you may get temporary relief. You should visit a dentist to find the permanent solution of bad breath.
  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay or commonly known as cavities is one of the most common dental diseases caused due to the plaque or a thin film-like sticky layer in and around the teeth. The plaque produces chemicals which damage the tooth enamel. You can see cavities mostly among children. However, cavities can happen anybody irrespective of age.
  • Gum disease: Gum disease, popularly known as the periodontal disease is an oral infection surrounding the gum and teeth. The periodontal disease is responsible for teeth lose among adults. Recent studies claim that periodontal disease has links with heart disease.
  • Oral cancer: Oral cancer is a deadly disease mostly seen among adults after 40 and kill life. The oral cancer is common and as per research, one person dies every hour in the US due to oral cancer. However, early detection and treatment of oral cancer can save a life.
  • Mouth sore: Mouth sore is normal and often most people experience mouth sore. Unless it continues for two weeks or more than a fortnight, nothing worry about mouth sore.