The two types of hearing loss namely sensorineural and conductive hearing loss are different than each other with their causes and symptoms. But the mixed type of hearing loss is the mixture of two types of hearing loss along with their causes and symptoms. When it comes to the treatment of hearing loss, the sensorineural hearing loss have very little chances of getting treated, rather use hearing aids. In the case of conductive hearing loss, there are sophisticated treatment processes along with surgery. However, the mixed type of hearing loss treatment again is the treatment followed for the sensorineural and conductive hearing loss treatment which may either get treatment or may not be treated and referred for hearing aid use. Consult with Audiology Centre West for the best and sophisticated treatment and hearing aid for the sensorineural, conductive and mixed type of hearing loss.

As stated earlier, the chance of treatment for the sensorineural hearing loss is very low, because there is no medical treatment or medication or surgical measures to treat or replace the tiny hair-like cells or the auditory nerve if they are already damaged. However, the sensorineural hearing loss has a chance of treatment through cochlear implants or by hearing aids. Persons suffering from sensorineural hearing loss can take the assistance of assistive hearing devices like captioned phones, alerting devices, vibrating alarm clocks etc. 

The treatment for conductive hearing loss can be done by systematic medical treatments and surgical treatments to improve the vulnerabilities. The treatment of conductive hearing loss depends upon the reason for the problem. 

For example, if wax blockage, insertion of external elements, abnormal growth of objects in the middle of the ear, or infections etc. are the reasons for conductive hearing loss, they can be treated by proper methods and medication. These problems can be addressed by extractions of earwax, removing of inserted external elements, surgical procedures if required, anti-biotic medications etc. 

However, these causes of conductive hearing loss along with the treatment are for temporary hearing loss. In these cases, the physicians and professional will monitor the case and prescribe appropriate measure for treatment. 

On the other hand, conductive hearing loss caused by stenosis, exostoses, ossicular chain discontinuity, otosclerosis etc. are considered permanent hearing loss and cannot be treated. Instead, they are recommended for the remedies like sensorineural hearing loss. However, there are sophisticated treatments like bone-conduction hearing aids or bone-anchored implantable devices, and middle ear implants etc.

The treatment for the mixed type of hearing loss depends upon the severity of hearing loss. The physician will examine the case whether it is sensorineural or conductive and accordingly prescribe the treatment as well as the medication.