An indica dominating strain with around 21% of THC that helps cure any chronic pains or issues is the famous granddaddy purple strain. This strain results from a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle strains that help the user relax and have a nice time. The perfect strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors. This article will explain what granddaddy purple strain with its medicinal uses is and why buying Wholesale Seeds Kentucky is a good idea.

1- What is granddaddy purple strain?

A famous strain that has helped many people relax and has numerous medicinal benefits is the granddaddy purple strain. It also became a household name and was an instant hit as soon it hit the markets.

Since it has purple in its name, as soon as you taste it, you can feel the flavor of grapes, berry and other purple delights hit your tongue. Also, the smell of this strain is no different. It has a sweet aroma that instantly fills the room and takes you back to your childhood days.

Appearance-wise also, the buds are big, and with bright green leaves, this plant can be spotted by a true weed lover easily. Another thing that makes the plan unique is the yellow-orange pistils that twist along the leaves. Usually, it takes around eight to eleven weeks to grow fully and can be grown indoors and outdoors. The plant gives medium to high yields.

2- Medicinal uses of granddaddy purple strain

The strain is used to cure both mental and physical conditions and is frequently prescribed by doctors. Usually, conditions such as chronic pain, depression, insomnia, and anxiety can be cured by occasional and controlled consumption of granddaddy purple strain.

People who do not feel good by regular doses are given high doses to let the strain fully take action and help them in any way possible. Though frequent and regular use will lead to being more depressed, stressed, and socially anxious. The person might also experience chronic pain.

3- Why buy wholesale seeds Kentucky?

People suggest buying wholesale seeds Kentucky so that you have a stock of the strain. You need not be stressed about finding the strain at the last minute for any last-minute plans. You also get the strains at a discounted price and can enjoy the benefits of the strain without worrying about finishing the stock.

You buy from reputed sources that always have a stock of backup in case of emergencies. You can be assured that the source has enough stock. Since you are getting the wholesale seeds Kentucky from a reputable source, you need not worry about some individuals cheating you online, and you also get your money’s worth.

Wrapping up

When buying from a reputable source like i49, you can buy in wholesale seeds Kentucky and be sure that your stock is of high quality.