What is your psychotype in sports?

Eight vivid portraits of those who cannot imagine their life without Turinabol for Sale. The sports psychologist in the author’s column shares his observations on the preferences of fitness lovers and a healthy lifestyle.


You will definitely notice them in the gym, on a snowboard in a bright suit or swimsuit. What attracts their sport: there is someone to show themselves to and the excitement of beauty-rivalry. By the way, competition for them will often be a natural anabolic and fat burner. Their sporting attitude is based on the beauty of their reflection in the mirror or in the eyes of other people. For this, they go to the gym and there can be an unlimited amount of time. Get more grades for the momentary “pumping” of your self-confidence, and look at others to show yourself: bodybuilding, powerlifting and just a rocking chair are theirs!

However, among fans of stretching and pylon, this type is found, they can be recognized by their defiantness. They often may not have real friends in their lives, so the gym also supports the communicative sphere. Cuties can be vulnerable and sometimes hot-tempered. Like no one else, they pay attention to the brightness of sportswear and paraphernalia.


If a tactician, then – martial arts, tennis, cross-fit. If a strategist, then – shooting (from a bow, a crossbow, a gun), possibly a biathlon. Most often it is a sanguine person. A productive person only when he has a lot of interesting things. What can lead an intellectual to sport and leave him for a long time?

First of all, their sport is real! This is not an imitation, even if it will be fitness with a chair, Latin American dancing or golf. They carefully listen to their temperament and select a reasonably sporty load for themselves, not forgetting about emotionality. They understand perfectly well the cause-and-effect relationships and their choice will be justified: from the duration of training and proximity to the home, to the consumption of calories or raising libido.

Secondly, goals! They know what goal-setting and goal-attainment are. And if someone skeptically says at the beginning of training: “How did you decide to“ pump yourself up ”using qigong or archery?”, Then in a year you’ll be surprised at the figure’s stature, moderate biceps and real achievements of an amateur athlete. Another striking feature of intellectuals is that even if they are already well over 35, they will surely find competitions for themselves in which they can participate.


Phlegmatic type. Often the impetus for sports pastime gives an unconscious desire to increase their self-esteem. If he is not used to expressing his own emotions, then such a person can be found in the halls with Pilates, stretching and yoga. There you can get lost in thought and not say a word to anyone for the entire training session. Indeed, it is precisely there that they will prove to be persistent and stubborn workers: twine for six months, long diets on buckwheat or sprouted oats. The main thing is that outsiders do not interfere with their role. Therefore, they shun, for example, oriental dances – sincere emotions are also needed there.

To occasionally cheer up the thoughtful, you can invite them to rock climbing. This will give them self-confidence!

If this is an IT specialist or designer, then along with pragmatic sports they can get carried away with a parachute or kayak, mountain climbing or billiards. Waving, so to speak. Surprisingly, they are quite good teammates who bring points to their team with a “silent glanders”. Since they do not like changes and surprises, they hardly get used to changes, they need a lot of time to swing, switch to new objects of attention or conditions. But these are regular athletes in the form chosen for themselves.


That’s who attends training strictly on time and on certain days. Never miss. Often keep a sports diary or statistics in their gadgets. A trainer is chosen for a long time, looking closely at both sports and human virtues. Frequent visitors to group aerobic training, they can be seen in the forefront. Most often, as true phlegmatic people are neat, accurate and cool-headed, they easily succeed, and for a long time maintain high performance. Idealists, by the way, can be found on snowy slopes with the perfect company for an ideal weekend. And also, for example, in squash. This sport is ideal for those who, after a hard day’s work, develop successful tactics for the next ball in the dynamics of receiving and beating the ball. This helps both relaxing and structuring thoughts at the same time. Yes, squash is also an “aristocratic” weight loss.


They like risk, however, moderate and logical. More often choleric or sanguine. As a sanguine: he is somewhat restless, needs new impressions, does not sufficiently regulate his impulses, does not know how to strictly adhere to the developed routine of life. Like a choleric person: he thinks less about the dangers of other types, he always acts boldly, decisively, with great enthusiasm. If he is also a creator, then the delight of soul and body can be obtained from trampoline, sky surfing or water surfing. Good yachtsmen can be found among them, as gusts of wind, waves and ropes include the spirit of experimentation at full power.

Unlike the innovator, they can stop at a couple of sports and experiment in them with their body and its capabilities. Faced with contact martial arts, they may well get involved and be successful. There, a series of emotional issues is solved for them. Especially in boxing, aikido, kickboxing, etc. People prone to psychosomatic reactions can choose motorsport.


If running, then multiply the distance of the circle by the number, if swimming, then – the length of the track by the number of heats. And the calorie expenditure in the mind. This is familiar and characteristic of the analyst. Good where you can be alone! From cyclic sports they will like: cycling, skiing. Analysts in teams do not always feel comfortable, as spontaneity or a sharp emotional emotion can disrupt their mood for the game, and then they will simply “loaf” in the team. Even near their workplace you can see darts or billiards, to which they are suitable from time to time to change the analytical plane. They are also comfortable in Wushu, Aikido and Taekwondo.


They are the first on the tests of a new one: once for them it was Cycles, then aerial paintings … curling – hurray! This type is not attached for a long time to something by the soul, it is more important for him to learn new types and elements in getting new emotions and pleasures, and this will not always be connected with maintaining the ideal body shape.

Friend of friends

This is a pure commander! He can’t even imagine how and why you can download a press in a simulator or run alone in a park. It seems to him painful and uninteresting. A pure sanguine in a team feels confident, quickly converges with people, is not afraid of risk and responsibility. It easily copes with tasks that require quick wits, but can skip training (such is usual for them). In decisions, he lacks thoughtfulness – therefore, he is in a team, in the interests of constancy, in actions of perseverance and perseverance. The team helps to compensate for shortcomings that are not easy to cope on their own. She is his stable support.

By right, few belong to any one “caste”. We are all mixed-type cocktails. Sometimes, a well-knit team can become a whole world for us and lead to success and sporting achievements. And it happens that a fitness club in a minute walk from the house allows you to reveal the strong emotions of different yourself. The trainer “from God” is able to work miracles in the fight against excess weight, indomitable proportions in the body or in training the will. Look for and discover new possibilities for the biosynthesis of soul and body!